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Be mature before you hop into bed


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luizboxWe live in a world, where sex is everywhere. It’s in the books we read, our favorite television shows, and in our favorite movies. However that doesn’t mean we should be having sex with every human being we see.

The media portrays sex in a more casual way then what it looked like 50 years ago.

As of 2012, in the U.S. alone there are 112 million people over the age of 18 who are unmarried, according to unmarried.org.

That means there is going to be a lot of people looking for that special someone and that means there is going to be a lot of sex between singles who are dating.

Single people should have a healthy sexual lifestyle, which means not having sex with every single person at the drop of a dime.

Don’t get it wrong, sex is good for you. According to WebMD.com, sex can balance one’s blood pressure, make you immune to colds and other infections, and is an another way to burn calories.

Other than the obvious point that through more sex there is a greater chance for people to get a sexually transmitted disease, it could also have real detrimental effects on the way people view relationships.

Having the mind set that you are going to have sex with everyone you date, will make some people think that relationships are just about getting it on. This is detrimental to today’s youths’ mental state regarding their understanding of relationships and a healthy sexual life.

This particular unhealthy way of dating will not lead to healthy relationships with people, it will mostly likely make the person stay in a relationship limbo.

What young people should do is have sex diligently, yet still look for their perfect man or woman that they might get later on in life.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Be mature before you hop into bed