Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

FSZ: Studying for Finals

Abraham Dayfallah and Solmayra Mendez

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Jennifer Torres – Communications

“I get enough sleep.” I practice…don’t get stressed. I go off by what I know, my knowledge already and see what happens.”

Biannka Sosa – Criminal Justice Major

“I just go somewhere quiet and I get all my notes and just start preparing for my finals.”

Angelica Pelayo – Liberal Arts

“I prepare the last two weeks, I print out my schedule to make sure that I can study at least eight hours per class.”

Cynthia Avila – Journalism

“I study a lot, I’m starting to study like right now.”

Jacinda Davis – Child Development

“I review the stuff that we study in class and read a little bit of my books and take notes and I get ready for my final.”

Chris Thomas – Music

“I procrastinate, but I try to study just pretty much anything that we go over in class and study as hard as I can.”

Alicia Palma – Therapist Counseling

“I will study like every hour for every subject and I also drink coffee so that I could be really alert during the test.”

Steve Givens – Art

“I make room for at least four hours to study.”

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
FSZ: Studying for Finals