Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
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FSZ: What’s your dream summer get away?


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Anayanci Becerra


“I would have to say the islands Bora Bora because its really pretty. The water is really clear, it looks like a place that you could actually relax like all day even just by yourself.”

Jessica Cardenaz – Graphic Design


“South Korea. I wanna visit South Korea. I think it’s reaally pretty, ive seen pictures and I just really wanted to go over there.”

Lorna Laycock – Undecided


“The coast of Europe because it’s supposed to be beautiful over there and ive never been to Europe and id like to just go exploring.”

Jasmine Collins – Criminal Justice


“Hawaii because of the beaches and the water.”

Joel Alvarez – Commecrial Music


“Japan. Ive always been interested in japanese culture, definitely be there the whole summer.”

Felicia Olivarez – undecided


“I would say Japan because I really love their traditions and culture and I just really think that’s it’s really beustiful over there. Especially with cherry blossoms, I think Kyoto.”

Brian Delgado – Graphic Design


“The Bahamas, I really like going to the beach. I hear the warm climate over there I really nice.”

Raiven Elis – Kineseology


“I would go to Brazil because of the beach, the food, the sand. Just chillin’, hanging out.”


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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
FSZ: What’s your dream summer get away?