Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
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Tactics will dictate title winner

Tactics will dictate title winner

Sophomore goalkeeper Benito Gonzalez attempts to block a ball at practice. He has nine saves in the season and has a saving percentage of .692.


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In a sport where many tactics offer different routes to victory, the Cerritos College men’s soccer team is focusing on the use of ball possession and making the ball do the work for it.

The team will apply these principles when it participates in the first round of the Southern California Regional Playoffs on Saturday.

“We’re going to definitely work with the ball. That’s got to be the main focus,” head coach Benny Artiaga said.

All the teams participating are not aware of the opponents they will face in the playoffs due to alternating scores in the power rankings.

The Falcons will be working on their ball possession and resting those that are injured.

It was shown in last Friday’s home match against Mt. San Antonio College that when Cerritos College does not possess the ball, it can become disoriented and beaten.

Beating Cerritos College 2-0, the Mounties took away the ball from the Falcons in a very dynamic way.

Sophomore midfielder Thiago Lusardi said, “I feel like (Friday) was our worst game of the season.”

Artiaga has studied his flaws and, like any tactical coach, will address the flaw to the team for further correction.

“The only thing we have to change now is go back to the things that made us successful all year. We need the ball.”

He hopes that with the week off, injuries that have negatively impacted the team’s ability to be at its full potential will have time to heal for the playoffs.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Tactics will dictate title winner