2013-2014 Talon Marks Staff

Joe Zermeno

Staff Writer

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Carlos Holguin

Associate Arts Editor

Hello, my name is Carlos Holguin and I am the Associate Arts Editor here on Talon Marks. This is my second semester with the paper and I plan on expanding my workload. I write news, opinion, and art pieces and take photos for... 

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Mario Jimenez

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Mario. I'm a chill laid back person.

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Gildardo "Demo" Aquino

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 My name is Gildardo Aquino also know as “Demo” (that’s my dj nickname) this is my second semester with Talon Marks my first semester I was a co-audio editor. I’m a full time student at Cerritos College... 

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Grester Celis-Acosta

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 My name is Grester Celis-Acosta. I am in my fourth semester at Cerritos College. My major is journalism and this will be my first semester writing for the Talon Marks. I like to play video games on my free time... 

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Katherine Grijalva

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 My name is Katherine Grijalva. I am 20 years old and majoring in Journalism. Although I do not have any experience with Talon Marks or any other newspaper organization, I was a part of my high school yearbook for... 

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Gustavo Lopez

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 I'm Gustavo Lopez and I'm an undecided major. I don't have any Talon Marks experience but I was was on Huntington Park High School Spartan Shield as reporter, page designer and occasional cartoonist. When I'm not... 

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Daniel Linares

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 Greetings and salutations, my name is Daniel Linares. I've been at Cerritos for 2 years, with a major in Accounting, and no experience with Talon Marks. Some of my interests are editing videos, long walks on the... 

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Armando Jacobo

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 My name is Armando Jacobo and I am currently majoring in journalism. This is my first semester being on Talonmarks and despite my lack of experience in journalism, I am taking a few journalism courses this semester... 

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Gustavo Olguin

Managing Editor

My name Gustavo Olguin and I am currently the managing editor at Talonmarks at Cerritos College. Interested in sports and working in front of the camera as a reporter. I'm majoring in journalism and transferring in the Fall... 

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Luis Guzman

Associate News Editor

I am your news associate. If you want to know whats happening, I'm your man. I want to be the next Jorge Ramos. Covering the hard hitting news is what I'm about. I like watching funny cat videos, don't judge me. Kevin Hart... 

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Alan Leyva

Staff Writer

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Denny Cristales

News Editor

Spring 2014 Mr. Denny. Just your typical, former Sports Editor and current News Editor who was named after a diner. My major is Journalism and I primarily seek to cover sports stories and get into sports radio in the future... 

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Maria Lopez

Online Editor

Spring 2014 Hello, my name is Maria Lopez and this is my second semester on the Talon Marks staff. I am an undecided major but gravitate toward science and writing. I enjoy watching movies, reading books and surfing the internet.

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Sebastian Echeverry

Sports Editor

Spring 2014 I have been part of the Talon Marks family for 2 semesters now. I started off with a little bit of everything, but began to shift toward sports writing. Enjoyed covering the fall sports of Cerritos and now am excited... 

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Solmayra Mendez

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 Hello. My name is Solmayra and this is my second semester being on the talon marks staff. Having taken this class before, I learned a lot about the steps that are taken to bring a newspaper together and really liked... 

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Larissa Morales

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 Hello everyone! My name is Larissa Morales and I am a Journalism major. This is my second semester on the Talon Marks staff and I couldn't be more excited to work with such wonderful colleges; some old and some... 

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Alexandra Scoville

Editor in Chief

Spring 2014 My name is Alexandra Scoville, I am the editor-in-chief of the Talon Marks brand. This is my fourth semester on staff. I took a semester off in Fall 2013 and focused on taking a photography class and an audio... 

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Amairani Mendez

Arts Editor

Spring 2014 I am a Journalism major in Cerritos College, second semester on Staff. I love to Dance and go out with my friends and family on my free days. Italian food is my favorite. I have a pretty sweet tooth in where at... 

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Kristopher Carrasco

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 My name is Kristopher Carrasco. I am a 19 years old English major born and raised in California. I love music and enjoy playing the drums or ukulele on my free time. I love drawing, sleeping, and long walks on the... 

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Akeem Ivory

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 My name is Akeem Ivory, this is my first year at Cerritos College but my fourth year in college. I am a double major in Communications and Journalism, I do not have any prior Talon Marks experience but feel that... 

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Zeinab Chahine

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 Hi, my name is Zeinab Chahine, I am a journalism student at Cerritos College. What spiked my interest in journalism is how active and interesting it is and how the profession allows us to study, investigate and... 

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Erin Archuleta

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 Hi I am Erin Archuleta. I am currently majoring in Sports Therapy and possibly going to minor in journalism but, I am still Undecided on that. I am mostly interested in writing about sports because I have done them... 

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Alexus Aragon

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 My name is Alexus Aragon. right now I'm not sure what I'm majoring in, I'm still exploring. I'm interested in this class because i like to write and interview people.

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Jacqueline Naranjo

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 Hi my name is Jacqueline Naranjo. I usually go by Jackie. My major is Public Relations. I do not have any prior Talon Marks experience, but I am hopeful that with this class I will learn a lot. I love music and... 

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Abraham Dayfallah

Staff Writer

Hello I'm Abraham Dayfallah and I am new to the Cerritos Campus. I have past experience taking photographs for the El Don at Santa Ana College for 3 semesters. I want to pursue writing this time because I want to get my words... 

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Eduardo Medina

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Eduardo Medina you can call me Eddie for short. My current interest is physiology in general not sure what exactly but in that region. I attend summer school prior to the fall but... 

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Daniel Green

News Editor

Daniel is a second semester staff member who is currently the News Editor. He became associate News Editor last semester and is happy to return with a larger role in the paper.... 

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Lauren Gandara

Editor in Chief

Hello, my name is Lauren Gandara and this is my fifth semester providing content for Talon Marks. After being a section editor for three years in a row since Fall 2011, I decided to take a semester off and did some freelance work.... 

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Trinity Bustria

Copy Editor

This is currently my second semester with Talon Marks, Cerritos College's premier student media brand, as its copy editor. Even though my job is one that is practically impossible to do since it is human to err (Ecclesiastes 7:20;... 

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Andres Patricio

Staff Writer

I am currently a staff writer for the Talon Marks newspaper. I have had a life long desire to join the journalism field and finally took that first step. My primary interests are sports, but I am looking forward to cover various... 

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Dominic Hennix

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Dominic Hennix. I am a 19year old enrolled in Cerritos Community College majoring in journalism, also a staff writer for the college newspaper. This is my first semester here and I am really excited. My television... 

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Alexandra Gomez

Staff Writer

Daydreaming, eating, and then finally writing about the topic is my personal process for creating a story. My name is Alexandra Gomez and I am a psychology addict with a passion for writing. I grew up in Norwalk all of my life,... 

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Daniel Quintero

Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Daniel! I'm a journalism major and this is my first semester here at Talon Marks. I aspire to work in the entertainment industry, hopefully as an E! News correspondent. In my spare time I like to shop, blog, and watch... 

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Jessica Pacheco

Staff Writer

Spring 2014 My name is Jessica Pacheco and I am a second semester staff writer for Talon Marks. I like reading, exploring, and meeting new people. I am still undecided on what I would like to major. Jessica was reporter... 

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Jonathan Garza

Online Editor

Hello everybody, My name is Jonathan Garza. I am a second-term online editor of the Talon Marks brand for the fall 2013 semester. Former titles I have held at Talon Marks include: associate sports editor, co-sports, sports,... 

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Justine Young

Staff Writer

Hi, my name's Justine and this is my first semester at Cerritos College writing for the Talon Marks. I run a semi-successful fashion blog, shop like I'm Marie Antoinette, and watch more movies in 24 hours than you can in an entire... 

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Andrew Casillas

Arts Editor

Hello, my name is Andrew R. Casillas. I’m a staff writer at the current age of 19. I have many hobbies, which I feel make me a somewhat well rounded person. Some of those hobbies are, dancing, singing, playing video games, and... 

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