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2016-2017 Staff

Lizette Sainz

Staff Writer

My Name is Lizette Sainz, I'm Mexican-American I'm currently a student at Cerritos College. My major is Journalism. I want to exercise this profession as a news reporter and as an author. I'm also studying to obtain my A.A.... 

Max Perez

Staff Writer

My name is Max Perez, my major is journalism, and I am a second year student at Cerritos College, and this is my first semester as a member of the Talon Marks. The reason is I am interested in the newspaper is because I have... 

Bianca Martinez

Staff Writer

David Jenkins

Staff Writer

I graduated from a continuation school called Somerset High school in 2009. I consider myself to be a lover of both literature and the enlightenment. I enjoy having discussions, especially with those I find myself disagreeing... 

Leslie Castaneda

Staff Writer

Hello, My name is Leslie Isabel Castañeda - yes I am picky about the squiggly being above the n in my last name. I was born October 13th, 1989. I am hispanic, Guatemalan to be exact. I am excited to say that Fall 2016 is ... 

Alvaro Bayona

Staff Writer

Alvaro Bayona is a student at Cerritos College. He is a full-time student and works for Talon Marks as a Journalist and enjoys it so far. An interesting fact about Alvaro is that he also holds the title of "Author." Since... 

Karla Enriquez

Managing Editor

'Ello! My name is Karla M. Enriquez and I am this semester's Managing & Investigative Editor. I'm a journalism major & hope to transfer to Berkeley in the very near future. I'm also very much into literature, politics,... 

Ethan Ortiz

Editor in Chief

Hi! My name is Ethan and I am serving as the Editor-In-Chief for the Fall 2016 semester. I am a journalism major and love to write stories for the newspaper. In addition to writing hard hitting news, I like to create fictional... 

Briana Hicks

News Editor

If you want to get an idea of who I am, look at some of my stories. You can find out a little bit about me in my the way I write. Growing into the role of a college student, I'm beginning to find out who I am in this life. Back... 

Terrel Emerson

Online Editor

Hello all, I am Terrel "Chatterbox" Emerson. I am the Online Editor for the 2016 Fall Semester. I am a sports buff. My work can be seen on terrelemerson.wordpress.com. Follow me on twitter @sir_chatterbox. Dodgersnation.com, check... 

Briana Velarde

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Chantal Romero

Platforms Editor

Jenny Gonzalez

Opinion Editor

Hello! I am an English major and I love to read books and classic literature. I joined the paper to gain an understanding on how the newspaper foundation runs, but also because I have an incredible passion for copy-edit... 

Benjamin Garcia

Co-Multimedia Editor

Former Bridge Program boy taking Journalism for a second semester, I'm having a great time with the numerous pies I have my hands in which now includes Opinion (as a columnist), College Life and Arts & Entertainment (as... 

Monyca Cedillo Bravo

Staff Writer

My name is Monyca Cedillo Bravo. I am 22 years. I am the second oldest of eight siblings. My family is the most important for me. I am Mexican-american and feel very proud of my roots. I understand both English and Spanish. I... 

Monique Nethington

Sports Editor

My name is Monique Nethington and a reign from Huntington Beach, Ca. I am a Journalism major and hope to one day work for the NFL network as a field reporter. I am a simple person. There are 3 simple things you have to know about... 

Perla Lara

College Life Editor

I am a re-entry student that means that being on this campus is a second chance. A second chance to choose a  career, to experience college life, and make a difference in others lives as well as my own. I hope I can make the... 

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