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Fall 2014 Hi, I am Abraham David Dayfallah, staff writer for Talon Marks Fall 2014. I am a photography major with emphasis on landscape photography. I have always been an artist whether it be a shot i took with my camera or a drawing i freehand drew. I have an "Artists eye." Journalism has become a recent hidden talent of mine. I found my self writing all the details down on my notebook even though it was just an Auto 100 class. Deep down I always knew i was a journalist. I like to go hiking, work out at 24 hour fitness, take photographs, and play my playstation 4. I am into many hit television shows that are airing right now that I will often do podcasts on throughout this semester. This marks my second semester as a talon marks staff writer and I'm stoked to see where this semester takes us.

Abraham Dayfallah, Staff Writer

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.