Maher funny but overbearing in ‘Religulous’

Ernesto Gomez

Bill Maher and “Borat” director Larry Charles give viewers a comedic perspective on religion. Maher films on location in various religious lands such as Israel, The Vatican, and The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The movie is filmed like a documentary, following the same style as “Borat.”

Maher does a series of interviews with people from various religions and also political positions. He interviews Arkansas senator Mark Pryor and challenges his beliefs on evolution. When Pryor admits to not believe in evolution, Maher makes a quip about senators not being intelligent, to which Pryor embarrassingly replies, “You don’t need to take an IQ test to become Senator.”

Throughout the film, Maher continues to challenge peoples’ beliefs in their religion, and preaches his own dogma of “doubt.” Maher states that everyone needs to doubt in order for humanity to continue.

Although I tend to agree with most of what was said, I found that Maher preaching his own beliefs to be no different than what other religions are doing.

Had he not tried to push people to doubt, and would have just let them become informed and make their own decisions, then this film would have been much better. Of course, the whole offensive factor would have flown out the window, as well as free publicity and ultimately more money.

This film is definitely an entertaining and thought-provoking one, and if you are able to get passed the pushy atheist message, then it is ultimately one that tells the truth.