WPMD broadcasts online, teaches

Celia Lira

Cerritos College offers a certificate and an AA degree in mass communications that will prepare students on radio and TV jobs.

Classes for this program are offered only during the spring and fall semester.

Students are trained to go into radio with verbal as well as written skills; they are also able to build an audio portfolio.

Dennis Clare, operations manager, said, “We try to give our students as much of a real world experience as possible.

“Some students work on-air or behind the scenes when they get out of the program,” Clare added. “Promotion spots and/or scholarships are also offered to some students at the end of the semester.”

Cerritos College has an Internet radio station, www.wmpd.org.

It is run by Cerritos staff as well as students.

Claire said, “We want to be the alternative to mainstream music radio stations.”

The WPMD AM is talk radio, news, weather, directions to Cerritos College and more.

Whether you need to fill in an elective course or you have a passion for broadcasting, the Internet radio program will train you with hands-on experience.

Anthony Sandoval, mechanical engineer major, “I took the radio production class, and I enjoyed it, it was fun, got to talk to people and be on the radio live on air.”

Clare said, “Students can audition to participate on the air two hours a week and they can choose their own show.”

There are studios available for students to get prepared and rehearse for their shows.

Sheila Olaiz, broadcast journalism major, said some studios charge you around $200 for studio time, but here she is able to come in and use the studio as long as she needs it, if available.

She has a radio show every Monday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. called the Sassy Spitfire Show.

“I got into the program in 2006 and this is my second semester doing the show,” Olaiz said. “I haven’t gotten into the journalism part of it because I love it here, sometimes (the studio) has to almost kick me out.”

She said, “To get my radio show, all I had to do was take the RTV 155 radio production class, pass the midterm exam and audition.

“It’s self expression, (the teachers) guide you and it’s very hands on.”

Olaiz hopes to get an internship at a radio station by the summer; she would like to one day work for a radio station, maybe Jack FM or KROQ.