Dance program enjoyable for all

Billy Turner

As pop music was playing in the theatre, students practiced their foot work.

The Dance Department has a wide variety of dance types beginning with classical, modern, tap, jazz, ballet, dance notation and a few others.

Some classes are for beginners and others for the intermidate students.

Gergia Well, tap dance and theater instructor, says, “I enjoy teaching.”

Jesy Myles, education major, said, “This is my fifth or sixth semester with Well. The environment makes this fun and exciting.”

Sarah Morris, dance major in her second semester, stated, “I love the class, but it’s hard because there are so many students, some beginners and others intermediate.

“Well is a good teacher. She starts with tapping but it gets harder and harder.”

Jasmine Ingram, undecided major, said, “It’s very exciting.”

She continued, “The dance program is vey helpful. You come in not knowing how to dance then you are literally taught. The teacher teaches the basics but you’re challenged at the same time. It’s like a little community of dancers.”

Rebekah Davidson, beginning modern dance teacher, said, “This is my second semester teaching and I love it and love Cerritos. There are good people here. Rogelio Lopez, the other modern dance teacher, is amazing.”

Davidson also said, “I teach fresh movement, it’s diffrent from the classical style, it’s a blend of styles,” Davidson added. “The students are very strong and are open to diverse styles of music.

“Everyone should come out and support the school and students at the Spring Dance Concert on April 2-4. You’ll love the dancing.

“We have a real good quality of dance teachers. They’re good at what they do, that’s why it’s fun. The teachers enjoy teaching.”