MC Pierre does it all

Scott Garite

Do it Yourself! Records, an independent record label created by Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, describes this entertainer in a nutshell.

Taking the do-it-yourself approach, Giagnoli has instilled this idea in every facet of his life.

This Cerritos College student seems to be the whole package.

His talents include producing music, acting, comedy, poetry and rapping.

He has even served as the A&E editor for Talon Marks for a semester.

“I remember one day when my Uncle Ray brought home the Michael Jackson album, ‘Bad,’ and I fell in love with it. I realized how much an entertainer could affect people,” Giagnoli said.

From then on, Giagnoli knew what he wanted to do, and that was to be an entertainer.

Originally finding a knack for writing poetry for his high school English class, Giagnoli’s teacher found that he had a natural talent.

Giagnoli said, “My teacher and I realized that I had a great ability for rhyming words. The transition into hip hop just felt natural.”

While Giagnoli says that he was raised around gangster rap, he feels that it didn’t reflect his life so he began writing about his own life experiences, struggles and issues going on in the world today.

While attending Cerritos, Giagnoli made friends with a fellow rapper who introduced him to a new style of rap.

“A friend of mine introduced me to music like rapper Immortal Technique. I instantly gravitated to it,” Giagnoli said. “It was hip hop with a message, it had meaning, not like the rap glamorized on TV, where it’s all about cars, money and sex.”

Not just focusing on music, Giagnoli dove into classes at Cerritos, continuing to further his other talents.

“I attended Cerritos College because they offered a stand-up class and other classes in music recording, radio, TV, film, improv and acting. I want to master it all.”

Since then, Giagnoli has continued to push the envelope, battling other MCs to gain respect among his peers in music, getting an agent to help further his acting career, and even producing his own album from Do it Yourself! Records.   

With the determination and overwhelming talent that this young rising star has, be sure to look for his name on a marquee near you.