Runway Showcase comes May 4

Gustavo Rangel

The Cosmetology Department will host its annual Runway Showcase and Student Networking that will take place on May 4 in the Student Center.

Admission will be $1.

This will be a student-ran-and-operated show, and will be completely voluntary; to present hairstyles they have done to their models.

Every model will have their hair cut, dyed, braided and have added extensions.

Each student will have a maximum of two models.

“I’ve been planning this for two months, it’s the first of its kind here at Cerritos,” explained Bryan Griffith, cosmetology major.

Themes for the runway will be: Past, Present, and Future.

This will be a non-competitive showcase; it will be just simply to show off what they can do to local hair salon owners so they can be recognized and possibly get jobs.

“I’m looking forward to it, we’re pumped we have a chance to showcase our work” exclaimed Cindy Alvelo, cosmetology major.

After the presentations of the models, guests will be invited into the back to discuss hair techniques and have the chance to communicate with each other.

“I am honored to work in a group that Bryan has set up, and for the networking to help me get a job,” said Carmen Peralta, Cosmetology Club representative.