Israel Lopez shoots for the stars

Gustavo Rangel

Israel Lopez is a student on campus who received a scholarship as a semi-finalist and partner for the ACTF Ryan’s and well as a scholarship from the Burnie’s for being a semi-finalist.

As a result of being a national winner he got the chance to spend two weeks of his summer in a boot camp like over at Cal State Fresno.

“While I was there, I worked with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, one of the nation’s leading repertory theater companies.”

He explains that the camp was very strict, but well worth it.

Lopez said, “It was beyond intense. Basically, it was like boot camp for acting. Every day, I would wake up at 7 a.m. and eat breakfast. I would go to class from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. After that, I would eat dinner and depending on what project was being worked on, I would rehearse from 7 p.m. ’til midnight or 1 a.m.

“Although it was a lot of work, it is the best experience I have had as an actor and the best training I have undergone thus far.”

Growing up with his mother, Lopez was inspired by acting while he watched her in her the events she performed in.

“Everything from the actors moving onstage, costumes, lights, scenes and music being used inspired me to explore theater and acting.”

Since then, he has enjoyed bringing joy and laughter to his friends, family with his acting.

“I loved that fact that you could influence and change the people watching your performance.

“Most of all, I take great pride in the fact that theatre allows me as a human being to explore and investigate the human condition, and the lives of those who are afraid or cannot speak for themselves.

“That gives me great satisfaction. Theatre simply fulfills my life and makes it interesting. Oh yeah, and it’s nice making people laugh too.”

He plans to finish his requirements for his IGETC, and apply for southern and northern universities and transfer in Fall 2010.