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Kick Ass unites all comic book lovers

Finally, a movie has been released that expresses what we’ve all been thinking about since childhood.

On April 16, “Kick-Ass” was released in theaters, allowing comic book lovers of the world unite for yet another action-packed thriller.

“Kick-Ass” tells the story of Dave Lisewski, a young high-schooler living in his awkward years who asks himself the all-important question: Why hasn’t anyone tried to be a superhero yet?

After receiving criticism and scrutiny from his peers, Dave takes matters into his own hands by buying a scuba suit and giving himself the most creative name he could possibly think of: Kick-Ass.

Dave later finds out that there are others just like him when he meets fellow vigilantes Hit Girl and Big Daddy, portrayed by Nicolas Cage as we have never seen him before.

Cage’s portrayal of Big Daddy can be described as humorous, and at the same time giving the feeling of mystery.

Cage does an impressive job of disguising his voice by giving it some William Shatner-like qualities once he dons the superhero uniform and even managed to get a laugh from the crowd when he refers to the new superhero as “Ass-Kick,” insulting his crime-fighting abilities.

Another recognizable name in “Kick-Ass” is Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who may be known for his portrayal of Fogell, but better known as the now-famous McLovin in the movie “Superbad.”

Mintz-Plasse plays the role of Chris D’Amico, son of Frank D’Amico, the film’s antagonist.

Mintz-Plasse’s character was the direct opposite of the supposed 25-year-old Hawaiian organ donor in the film that made him famous, showing all the traits of the anxious son who is just itching to learn about his father’s business.

The last character we are introduced to in the quartet of heroes is Hit Girl, played by Chloe Moretz.

Moretz’s character makes those watching the movie say, “holy crap” within the first minute of being introduced to her, fighting villains and goons as if she were trained by the entire Justice League of America.

“Kick-Ass” can be described as the best $8-$11 that can be spent on, all depending on which theater you choose to go to.

This great movie combines the combination of comedy, suspense and action that can really get the audience involved in it and maybe even make you want to become a superhero yourself once you’re leaving the building.

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Kick Ass unites all comic book lovers