Local restaurant offers discounts for Cerritos College students

Arianna Smith


Alondra’s Mexican Food, located on 15617 Studebaker Road down the street from Cerritos College and directly across the street from CVS, is an authentic Mexican restaurant that is filled with great taste.
Walking into Alondra’s I didn’t know what to expect from the small restaurant.
But as I walked up to the counter, I noticed a sign that read: student specials.
 My initial thought was, “thank you god!”, because as college students we are on a tight budget.
The combo specials were as follows: breakfast burrito with a drink for $3.99, three tacos and a drink for $3.99, small nachos and a drink for $4.99, and last but not least a burrito and drink for $4.59.
I ordered the burrito and drink combo.
Then I took a seat at one of the small round tables and enjoyed the cool air.
I was not waiting too long when my food arrived and much to my astonishment the cashier was the one that brought my meal to me.
She was friendly and regularly checked on me to make sure I was fine.
The burrito and the drink were very large and extremely delicious and I did not have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for it, being a college student saving money is important to me. 
Alondra’s is a small and simple restaurant with small round tables and chairs while colorful picture menus were posted invitingly decorating the back wall.
The service was fast and friendly I felt that the main concern of the staff was that I was taken care of and my meal experience was exceptional.
The cleanliness of the restaurant was great and I felt at ease eating there due to the absence of dirt, cracked paint, and any nasty smells.  
To receive the student specials you must show your current Cerritos College Student ID Card.
 But this Alondra’s is definitely worth it. 
Overall Alondra’s Mexican Food offered great service, good tasting food, affordable prices, and a peaceful dining ambiance.
 I would recommend this place to everyone.