m.hames- urban theatre movement brief

mhames brief

Their goals are to strive to create accessible Art and life changing experiences through innovative theatre. That serves mirrors, rich and diverse inner city communities.

Brenda Banda, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, ” Developed her passion for theatre at an early age. As a child, I  learned that she would not allow her surrounding s to determine her future. Shortly little that I   knew I  was a performer while singing a popular Yuri song at the age of 3 years old.”

The Urban Theatre Movement number one goal is to seek re envision theatre to involve artist’s by empowering the resident’s of the neighborhoods.

      For the plans of U.T.M.  as Paul Tully who is the Co- Founder and Producing Director calls it.

 Tully speaks about how Brenda Banda and himself came up with Urban Theatre Movement and how he started his passion of theatre.

He says, ” At an early age I moved to New York City with my father in Greenwich Village, NY.  I was quickly introduced to theatre as I  stayed in the area of New York City.”

For the future of Urban Theatre Movement their aim is to nurture, support and encourage under served young artist’s.

To give them a voice and for their voice’s to be heard as they make their dreams come true.