Students are ‘Caught’ in the theater

Gonzalo Saucedo

The audience laughed out loud at “Caught in the Act… Again!” in the Burnight Theatre Dec. 3.

The comedic production includes four separate one-act plays directed by four different people, all utilizing different actors.

Forrest Hartl, the acting and directing faculty adviser said, “The plays’ themes range from the confusion of a difficult romance to the folly of revenge.

“Though, ultimately, like most theater, the plays are truly about vibrant personalities and vital human relationships.”

“Caught in the Act… Again!” is actually an expansion of a production showcased in the theater program’s summer season.

Audience feedback called for this fall encore with new actors, increased production elements, and further developed scripts.

Barbara Lopez is an actress that performed in “Last Summer,” a play set in the summer of 2009 about a woman who has just gone through a tough break-up, and her two sisterly best friends who try their best to console her.

“What I liked the most about [Last Summer],” Lopez said, “is that it’s very real.

“It’s loosely based on me and my girlfriends’ last summer.”

Lopez’ character, Patty, was a favorite of the audience’s as she dropped several one-liners.

“I just like to have a good time because I’m a firm believer that if I have fun on stage, the audience is going to have fun,” Lopez said.

Omar Rodriguez played the part of the ex-boyfriend, Jake, in “Last Summer.”

He also played Mickey, the main part in “Up and Down,” a play set at The Ritz Hotel about a shy and eccentric elevator attendant looking for love.

Rodriguez enjoys the variety of the characters he portrays.

“It was fun because they’re two completely different people, and it was just fun playing around and trying different things and becoming other people,” Rodriguez said.

He says that he sometimes takes note of the audience’s immediate reactions during his performances.

“I do when they laugh,” Rodriguez said.  “You know it kind of motivates you.

“But, you know, you’ve got to be focused and kind of forget about the audience for a little while.”

Michael Garcia was one of the happy audience members that night.

“I thought [the production] was really nice, really well put together,” he said.

“They were very creative, I thought.  I thought the actors really performed well and it was actually pretty funny.”

“Caught in the Act… Again!” is open to the public, $10 per ticket, on Dec. 9 through 11 at 8 p.m. and on Dec. 12 at 2 p.m.