“Michael Jackson: The Experience” thrills on Xbox 360 Kinect

Anthony Hodge

“Michael Jackson: The Experience” for the Kinect on Xbox 360 is a thriller, despite a few misread moves.

The Xbox version of “The Experience” turns players into their own avatars and puts them in a virtual environment, which gives them an option to sing or dance the night away.

Ubisoft does a great job of putting the player in the King of Pop’s world.

The Kinect itself does a great job at reading body reactions, however, there are a few moments during the game where it gives a perfect score when the player is just standing there.

Also, if the player does hit a move, the game scores a miss.

Besides these hang ups, the majority of the moves on this game capture the essence of the King of Pop, however, some moves feel like a workout routine.

The singing on the game is fun, but can get annoying since some songs do not give the player any room to breathe.

It would be a good idea to have an option to sing to the Kinect or sing with a microphone.

The slow songs on the game could ruin the party, but could also be used as a warm up or a cool down.

The ability to let players take turns for the multiplayer mode rather than having all of the parties join on one space is a great idea.

The only issue with that is that not everyone could dance or sing at the same time, so each person has to decide who should sing and who should dance.

Consumers should not let the absence of Michael in the game affect their decision in buying this game.

“Michael Jackson: The Experience” is a fun and challenging game that family and friends will enjoy.