97.1 ‘Amp’s’ up Falcon Square

Cerritos College had a music event in the form of a visit from radio station 97.1 AMP and Metro PCS located in Falcon Square on May 11.


The entertainment hosted by 97.1 began at 11 a.m. and brought music and prizes such as t-shirts, posters, CDs and tickets to a monster truck festival.


Music education, dance and philosophy major Christopher Tena was one of many students lining up to win prizes.


“I think it is cool that they came to this school and gave out prizes,” he said.


He explains they also had two other promotions, one from Metro PCS endorsing the new Android phone and a Taco Bell food truck that’s going to be located in San Anita.


Tena also added that he wishes there could be more radio stations coming to Cerritos giving away prizes and bringing music.


Janet Ramos, one of the promoters giving away prizes and promoting 97.1, explained the station’s trying to get students to sign up for these prizes and everything went well.


“We’re just here to play music and give away free stuff and also free tickets,” said Ramos. 


She added that many contestants signed up for the tickets.


Jordan Porter, also promoting 97.1, said that he is happy that there are many students at Cerritos and feels a good vibe from it all.


Porter explains that 97.1 has also been at other colleges and said, “We have done events in different colleges like USC and UCLA.”


Porter also added that he was surprised that for the first time of 97.1 being at Cerritos that they did very well.