Druglord drama comes back to Netflix

Jocelyn Torralba

The second season of Narcos came to an end with an exciting storm of bullets between kingpin Pablo Escobar played by Wagner Moura and the DEA that led to Escobar’s death.

The DEA’s new target in this season is the competition of Escobar, the cali cartel.

In this new season drug enforcement agent Javier Peña played by Pedro Pascal is now the series lead since his partner Steve Murphy played by Boyd Hoolbrok left the DEA shortly after Escobar’s death and also been written out of the show as well.

One of the first things that made a good improvement on season three is that agent Murphy did the voiceover throughout the first two seasons and now it got handed over to Murphy’s co-star, now lead agent Peña.

The first episode begins at a party in his hometown of El Paso, Texas where Peña’s family and friends celebrate his law enforcement victory even though he has no interest in celebrating.

Peña is called back to Colombia to go after the new Colombian drug lords — leader Gilberto Rodriguez played by Damian Alcazar, his sneaky and evil brother Miguel Rodriguez played by Francisco Denis, New York troublemaker Chepe played by Pepe Rapazote and the product security who was also crazy for men, Helmer Pacho Herrera played by Alberto Ammann that were known as the “cali cartel,” one of Escobar’s primary rivals.

The over confidence of the cartel’s chief accountant, Guillermo Pallomari played by Javier Camara led to the DEA agents following him and his escort to Gilberto’s secret home which led him to get caught and things went south from there.

Miguel didn’t have the cool, calm and collected mind like his elder brother Gilberto. Because of this, everyone was looking to see what his next move was going to be.

He decided not to obey his brother’s orders and started a war with the northern valley cartel to prove his leadership and aggressiveness and that no one should mess with the cali cartel just because there’s a new leader.

Throughout the entire show, the DEA wanted to do things differently than with Escobar — they wanted to be smart and tactical to avoid loses and in the Colombian government, they didn’t want the blood shed that happened in Medellín in Cali,

It was very difficult trying to avoid these problems because the cali cartel bribed the prime minister and the president of Colombia.

It is only when Peña talks to a reporter of Colombia that he explains how their government is corrupt, and if the people wanted change from drug-lords then they would have to take action.

Giving the fact that agent Peña violated a secret from the DEA, he gave in his resignation form.

The drug lords were expecting to play their get out of jail free card; but because of agent Peña two brothers were extradited to a U.S prison, Miguel and Gilberto, Chepe attempted an alliance with communist guerrillas but were killed by them — and Pacho was shot by a northern valley cartel prison mate.

So came the fall of the biggest export and import cartel in history.

In my opinion, this season was good but it was compressed into one season in comparison to Escobar’s medellin cartel that was depicted into two seasons.

I wanted more action with the cali cartel and I felt like one season wasn’t enough, but overall I was satisfied with what I watched.