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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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DAMAGED, “Punk rock for the new millennium”

Shephard Fairey, street artist and founder of OBEY clothing who is most known for his creation of Barack Obama’s “Hope” campaign poster is known for being vocal about politics through his artwork and is back to throw more dirt on an extremely damaged system we call the United States of America.

Sat., Nov. 11 was the opening reception for Fairey’s largest show, that was 18 months in the making, at the Library Street Collective Gallery in Los Angeles.

The event was completely free with an online RSVP which made it highly accessible to all types of people.

Feirey’s work attracts the posh art collectors to the nonconforming citizen who is also sick of the system.

He represents a more rebellious activist, an activist who isn’t afraid of fucking with the law to get his point across.

An artist who encourages vandalism for the good of the resistance.

This new collection of work ranged from very large prints to tiny ones, a large mural was the center piece of the show containing messages that were also in the other art works.

Red, white and blue was the color scheme that was carried through out all the pieces.

All of them looked torn or damaged, to reflect the title of the show and put further emphasis on Fairey’s message.

Free prints were available at the shows in order to be cut into stencils that would allow anyone to paint a wall or two to spread propaganda.

Free issues of “The Damaged Times” were also being constantly printed to be taken by attendees of the show.

Every part of the “DAMAGED” show was a critique on our government and a protest to the things that need to change. Global warming, immigration laws, women’s rights, the representation of people in color in the media and LGBTQ+ rights were all issues portrayed in Fairey’s work.

Punk band The Fever 333 were among the musical acts invited to perform the night of the opening. They are known for their loud disapproval of our system were there to voice “No, you can’t keep us under your thumb.”

The event attracted pure chaos. People arrived before the opening of the gallery to get in line and people kept showing up creating a line down blocks past the gallery. Security tried their best to keep order, but people had their own ideas.

Once inside the back lot, there were bars and a stage for musical acts that went all night long.

There was a separate building where Fairey’s work was being held, which required the attendee to wait in another line.

But, to reflect the theme of the show, the lines were madness.

There was no real order and people were left to cut the line in order to get their own view of the work, or just to get their greedy hands on a stencil print or copy of “The Damaged Times.”

Opening night of DAMAGED stirred up chaos and rebellion in many and will continue to do so until Dec. 17.

Shephard Fairey’s newest documentary is now available on Hulu, so get inspired.

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DAMAGED, “Punk rock for the new millennium”