Beauty trends aren’t just for the upper class


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Bianca Martinez

High fashion trends. Now those few words may seem intimidating at first as they are synonymous with the upper class, however, the concept that high fashion is reserved only for the insanely rich is asinine.

Everyone should be allowed to participate in and enjoy fashion and beauty trends, and this fashion clown is going to tell you how to look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.

A good way to stay on trend is to read articles about trends put out by fashion magazines, be careful to stay away from the more pretentious publications as they will make you feel like an unsophisticated hobo just by looking at the price tags on the clothes or products showcased.

Let’s talk beauty products, beautiful people:

So one item that is hitting the beauty routine scene is a facial roller.

A facial roller is used for lymphatic drainage, increased circulation and reducing puffiness.

Now one of these bad boys can be pretty pricey but a short trip to your local witch shop can save you your hard earned green.

These rollers are normally made from common crystals and stones such as rose quartz, jade, smokey quartz or amethyst.

Replicating the sensation and properties of a high quality face roller without breaking the bank is a simple and inexpensive endeavor.

All you have to do is walk into a store that specializes in or carry crystals and purchase a couple of round polished crystals of your choice, then place said crystals in the palm of your hand and roll them across your face.

Fortunately the aforementioned crystals are very common so you should be paying about $1 per crystal.

Another beauty tip that has been around for a hot minute is rose water. Rose water is beneficial for toning, cleansing and soothing the face.

Popular rose toners, such as the one produced by Mario Badescu, run about $5 to $7.

Now that might not seem expensive to most, however, I’m not going to gamble with money, that could have been used for food, on a product that may or may not work for my skin type.

If you are unsure if rose water will work for your skin type, you can leave Mario Badescu sitting pretty while you make your own toner for a couple bucks.

All you’ll need is mineral water, dried roses, a jar or spritz bottle, a small pot and a stove.

Pour a measured amount of mineral water, enough to fill the container, into the pot on high to medium heat.

Once the water starts boiling, turn off the heat and toss in desired amount of roses.

Let the concoction steep for a bit until it turns a rosy hue, be sure to strain all the roses out, because despite how aesthetic the petals look they will rot and grow mold inside your jar or spritz bottle.

For a calming rose toner you can add a couple sprigs of dried lavender or sage into the mix.

Another beauty trend sweeping the Instagram nation is face masking.

If you are fan of face masks, you don’t need to go rushing online and splurging on a pricey highfalutin mask, though you can, but most of the time it is safe to not believe the hype.

You are better off making a homemade mask using all natural ingredients suitable for your skin type rather than feeding the consumer monster.

You can even make your own glitter face mask, another beauty product trend, using plastic free, biodegradable glitter and clay that better suits your skin type.

Time to get trendy:

If you are feeling inspired by New York Fashion Week, mentioned below are few ideas by Rodarte that took center spotlight at NYFW.

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Bold matte makeup provides a refreshing shock of color which can brighten up any look.

Deep red lips add a touch of old Hollywood glamor while a pigmented swash of aqua blue, yellow, purple or mint green adds a bold liveliness reminiscent of the 1980s.

Popping flowers in a messy braid or flowing tresses can either make you feel like fairy-tale princess or an earthy witch depending on your aesthetic preference.

Fresh or artificial flowers can be used to create looks similar to ones showcased at NYFW, however, artificial flowers will be a safer bet as they don’t have the tendency rot and are reusable.

If Fashion Week looks aren’t your cup of tea but you’d still love to dabble in trendy looks, here a couple options that us regular schmegular folks can partake in.

If your into nail polish and/or acrylic nails, “jelly nails” are a fun option with a sheer glaze of color that that can be adorned with a little sprinkle of glitter or a nail decal.

Pushing forward with another idea for the fingies, chrome nail polish is another option for a unique futuristic manicure.

If you’re a nervous Nellie like I am and tend to have a quick bite at the expense of your fingernails, there are other fun beauty trends that doesn’t result in the waste of pretty nail polish.

Faux freckles are a fun idea, either to accentuate the freckles you already have or to add a pop of pigment.

You can incorporate a range of browns that compliments your skin tone with an eye pencil for a more natural look.

For a more vibrant freckled look, you can use a variety of colors or glitter.

Speaking of glitter, or as referred to by the more original of middle-schoolers, herpes of the art world.

A small amount of glitter applied to eyelids or lips can make any eyeshadow or lipstick pop.

If you loath glitter with every fiber of your being but wouldn’t mind artsy and minimal makeup, the slick wet look is rising up from the grave with heavily glossed lips and eyelids.

Not that I’ve gotten the temporary trends out of the way, let me introduce the more permanent ones for those that are into the realm of body modification.

Minimalist tattoos are always a cool idea and a great starter tattoo if you are a newbie to getting inked.

Ear piercings are always chic and a way to express your creative side with a multitude of earring options to adorn your ears with.

Trends are for everyone and are generally inexpensive if you stick to dupes or take the do-it-yourself approach.

Now go out and there and don’t be afraid to partake in a trend you like or that you’ve always wanted to try.