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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Vir Das’ “Losing It” will actually lose you from viewing it

TM Guadalupe Zaragoza
After the release of his 2017 stand-up Netflix special “Abroad Understanding,” Vir Das’ “Losing It’’ takes over on Dec. 11th.

With an hour’s worth of the special, Vir Das takes the design to a more intimate environment through the replacement with a desi San Francisco audience that are likely to laugh unenthusiastically to the occasional punchlines made.

But, the performance is more than just any special, but an intimate show intended to be performed , reflects Das as subtle, confident and relatable rather than the the usual humble and calm performer he usually showcases.

The focal point of the stand-up is that it has grappled much attention here in the country. It is one comedy that plays with a clash of culture.This Indian comedian, inserts the many adventurous experiences as he traveled outside of India, specifically the time he endured in the United States.

This was one exceptional opportunity for Das to expose the many prejudices because the Indian population is always considered as an object of irony as it is made a mockery in the West. Besides that, India is always the one to face the many stereotype conflicts that are a large issue in their society.

Getting to the middle of the act, the audience is put through a lecture and a rant on mythology, somewhat boring.

But in the very last moments, we are left with an incredible story on how a man became successful through plenty of bad moments in both his career and life while in all he found meaning through a $350 tip to a waitress and a fillet-mignon.

However, in this sense, the show is not as good as it is expected. The show holds an awkward aspect to the whole things. But it would have been greater if it had a glorious awkward to it. This way, it would work the varying crazy stories being told so they can all fit together perfectly and beautifully, but it doesn’t.

At the same time it is a good show since Das goes over important topics facing society through a comedic point-of-view in order to ignore the social criticism of it

The stand-up format is for a fact getting dull, so it is extremely important to provide relevance to the performance, which may also capture the attention of the audience greatly. But, Das stumbles to do so.

Everything goes on incredibly well until the subject of women is approached. When the comedian begins to talk about how there are so many ways to talk and please women, he takes an awful turn into the path of sexism. His choice of humor involves the idea that the behavior of women can be dangerous.

Although Das goes through the effort to make the assortment of jokes to fit well, it instead makes him seem rather embarrassing.

Overall, “Losing it is more strained than superb, I would still recommend the viewer to skip through and wait for a chance to see Das’ more comeback worthy talent when another of his specials is streamed.


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Vir Das’ “Losing It” will actually lose you from viewing it