‘X’ marks the spot


Quinae Austin

The Louis Vuitton X exhibit showcases clothing items, purses and items from when the designer had first started his endeavor. The exhibit will go on until Nov. 10, 2019.

Quinae Austin, Staff Writer

There aren’t many people who don’t know one person that has not heard of or even owns something by Louis Vuitton. After attending the Louis Vuitton X exhibit in Beverly Hills, it is clear that people have to be living under a rock not to have a clue who he is or what he does.

TM Quinae Austin
Items from the Louis Vuitton clothing line could also be purchased at the end of the tour. The exhibit will go on until Nov. 10, 2019.

The iconic building sits on the corner of North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The exhibition is free and open to the public until Nov. 10.

Walking in the exhibit, there is a red carpet entry and folks are greeted by doormen in black, as if it was some sort of movie premiere.

Louis Vuitton X is a glamorous experience and well arranged with intriguing facts of Vuitton’s impeccable work.

It is a perfect mixture between the past and the future, the heritage and most importantly, innovation.

TM Quinae Austin
Luis Vuitton made a normal customer feel as if they were on the red carpet attending a A-list event.

The exhibit displays over 100 items of Vuitton’s collection.

Who would have thought a 16-year-old apprentice who traveled to Paris by foot, which nearly took him three years, only to pack trunks for the wealthy would be able to tell his story years later through archives and scenography to trace the epic journey of his own.

Katrina Joli, a fan of fashion, stated, “I can appreciate his humble beginning because nobody would have thought this mogul started at the bottom.”

The two floors perfectly piece together an incomparable collection of the early twentieth-century special order trunks, art deco perfume bottles and window displays designed by Vuitton’s grandson, Gaston-Louis.

This also gave insight to the legendary Monogram bags redone by fashions most known artists and designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Rei Kawakubo, Cindy Sherman and more.

Also, the original collaborations by artists including Yayoi Kusama, Richard Prince and Zaha Hadid.

TM Quinae Austin
Original items from the Louis Vuitton line could be found at the exhibit located on Rodeo Drive. The exhibit will continue until Nov. 10, 2019.

While almost completing the tour and gazing and or drooling at all these exceptional pieces, Vuitton also allowed his visitors to purchase from an exclusive selection of clothes, leather goods, accessories, shoes, fragrances and books to fully get the Louis Vuitton X experience.

This seemed to be a lot of visitor’s favorite part of the exhibit, stated Isaac Hayes, “Being able to purchase from the exhibit was the cherry on top for me.”

Others like Jessica Gainer, who actually worked at the exhibit stated, “Growing up, I always wanted something with that LV canvas, but after this experience, I am getting something with the LV canvas.”

Once leaving the exhibit it helped identify two things about Vuitton, that his work stands the test of time, and that he is also is great at capturing creative expression through his own work and also of different artists.

Open dates for the exhibit include Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, 11a.m. – 6:30 p.m.