Things to do for Mother’s Day while in quarantine


Talon Marks A&E Editor created a list of fun things to do for Mother’s Day while still following social distancing rules at home. Due to COVID-19, Mother’s Day and Feliz Dia de Las Madres will be celebrated within the comfort and safety of everyone’s homes on May 10, 2020. Photo credit: pixabay

Rocio Valdez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year the ways to celebrate our mothers have changed drastically due to COVID-19.

If you need some ideas on what to do for your mother while in quarantine, here are 14 ways you can celebrate while staying safe at home.

1. Chores

Let’s start with an easy one that is cost-free and all moms would appreciate. This Mother’s Day, help your mother with chores around the house.

Moms always do a lot of home chores so it is time for them to get a day off, so tell your mom to rest while you take over the work.

2. Get creative & make her something

If you do not know what to gift your mother and haven’t had a chance to get her a gift, get creative and make her something. You can create a beautiful card yourself!

You just need some paper and markers or paint. If you want to get really creative, there are tons of YouTube DIY ideas.

I have even created some Mother’s Day cards that you can print or send from home!

Spanish and English options are available below

Directions on how to download for Mac, PC or for phones


Press/Hold down on CONTROL (CTRL) and click on the the the card that you wish to download.

Make sure to follow these steps for both the Inside and Outside of the card


Right click on the card you’d like and RIGHT CLICK

Click on “save image as”

Smart Phone

Hold down on the card you want press “download image


3. Cook or Bake

Wake up your mother with a breakfast in bed to start off the day, surprise her with a tray of her favorite breakfast or you can cook a special dinner.

You can also bake her something, if you would prefer.

If cooking is not your thing, you can order her favorite food and have it sent to her.

4. Backyard picnic

Have some outside time while still remaining at home!

Have a picnic in any outside space you have at home. Set up a blanket and bring along snacks to enjoy together, maybe even a bottle of wine. Enjoying your food delivery outside can be an alternative to change things up for the day.

5. Get her flowers

Flower shops were allowed to reopen, so support your local flower shops and order your mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered.

If you have a garden, pick some flowers up and create your own bouquet!

6. Home spa day

Quarantine has everyone in need of a manicure and pedicure, so have her choose a nail polish or press-on’s and have her relax while you can provide her with the basic care.

Get some skin care done together, too! Grab a couple of masks and relax with a bottle of wine, if you’re 21 years or older of course. If not, any tasty, refreshing beverage will do.

7. Movie night

Have a movie night and have your mother choose a movie and bring a bowl of popcorn along with some of her favorite delicious snacks.

8. Online cooking class

Take an online cooking class along with your mother! It is a fun way to execute a delicious meal while enjoying some time together.

9. Fitness/Yoga class

Whether your mom enjoys having a good exercise or prefers a more relaxing form of physical activity, enjoy some time together and take an online fitness or yoga class.

Many guided videos can be found on YouTube.

10. Happy Hour

If you’re 21 years and older, get the party going at home and have some drinks! Cheers to the woman who raised you!

11. Karaoke/Dance

Enjoy a night of singing along to your mom’s favorite songs while having a cocktail in hand. If you want to get the body moving, enjoy some dancing.

You can go along with your body flow to any song, or download and play “Just Dance.”

12. Makeover

Give your mother a glam makeover and dress up.

Even if there is nowhere to go, moms can enjoy having their makeup done and dressing up.

Let’s be honest: this quarantine has everyone doing the bare minimum for their appearance, so change the routine and get ready.

13. Game night

Enjoy a family game night. It is a fun way to get the family together to have a good time with your mother.

Whether your mom prefers classic board games or something more modern like video games, it is fun for the whole family.

14. Gift

Order your mother a gift online and have it delivered. Some stores are also now offering curbside pickups so look into your mother’s favorite stores.