Indie World Overview: 20 minutes of new indie goodness


Indie World is a global presentation made by Nintendo. The point of the presentation is to show off a multitude of Indie games that is set to release either on the same day, weeks, months or in a year. Photo credit: Nintendo

Oscar Torres, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Nintendo just released their second Indie World Showcase of 2020 on Aug. 18, showcasing indie project games the company has in the works.

Indie World, hosted by Mariko and Tyler, is a presentation where Nintendo announces a ton of Indie games to be released on the same day, in a couple of months, or next year.

There have been up to 22 games that have been showcased for the Nintendo Switch to be released between now and next year, with some games getting overviews and other game developers having in-depth discussions.

The first game that they announced was “Hades,” created by Supergiant Games, a rogue-like dungeon crawler that was first released on Steam in 2018 as an Epic Games Store exclusive. The game is scheduled to be released on Switch in the fall of this year.

Another exciting showcase was “Garden Story,” an action-adventure game developed by Picogram and Rose City Games. This game has the player trying to save a village and rebuild their community by collecting resources and building bonds with the other villagers. Garden Story releases on Nintendo Switch next year.

In “Takeshi and Hiroshi,” the character Takeshi is making a game to help entertain his younger brother Hiroshi. This a role playing game that allows the player to choose which monsters to fight while staying balanced while also exploring the bond the two brothers share. The game was released on Aug. 18, the day of Indie World.

“Raiji,” produced by Nodding Heads Games, is an action-adventure game that takes the player to ancient India. It dives into the history of Indian culture with Hindu and Balinese mythology being big inspirations for the title. The story has the player defend the world from an evil demon lord. The game was also released Aug. 18 as as a timed exclusive for the Switch, with later releases on other consoles.

In “Card Shark,” developed by Nerial, the player is a card player in 18th century French society, making their way to the top of the gambling world while cheating. The only rule of the game is to not get caught, otherwise it’ll be a quick painless death. The game will be out on the Eshop in 2021.

Stone Lantern Games showcased “Evergate,” a passion project for the company where the player is a childlike spirit which they guide through a dream-like puzzle platformer in a journey of life to death, space and time. The game was also released on Aug. 18.

Nintendo began wrapping up the presentation by showing off a quick overview of a couple more indie games coming out in the remaining half of the year.

The final announcement is the free co-op multiplayer update being added to “Untitled Goose Game” on Sep. 23. Not only that but a physical copy of the game will be released soon.