Cerritos College displays two new pieces of artwork on campus


Kara Alexander

New artwork on display at Cerritos College.

Kara Alexander, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Cerritos College adds a couple new pieces of art to the campus over summer.

Two new murals are on display for all faculty and students to view in front of the student center.

Final touches for the murals were added June 1st.

The artist behind the artwork is Amir Fallah. He creates lots of intricate murals in his spare time.

Fallah had a clear vision that he was going for when creating this artwork for the College.

The botanical specimens were chosen by the artist to showcase their connections to the regions of the world from which Cerritos College’s students originate.

The jewelry that is shown in the murals represents the common family heirlooms and potential sources of financial aid brought by immigrants and refugees as they travel to new lands.

The use of lockets within both murals contain icons of the many academic disciplines that are taught here on campus, which helps those immigrants as well as their descendants to improve their lives and also better the world.

New mural on display on campus
New mural on display on campus Photo credit: Kara Alexander

Students give their opinions on thoughts they have of the murals and how this new artwork makes them feel.

“The murals bring a brightness to the campus that was not present before,” says Robtrell Scott, a history major at Cerritos College.

“The murals are something nice to stop and admire before heading off to class,” says Riley Schorr, a music major at Cerritos College.

Schorr describes the murals as having a lot of great details and bold colors.

“Themes of nature are present in both pieces,” says Jennifer Rodriquez, a Communication major at Cerritos College.

Looking at the murals gives me a feeling of serenity,” she states

Students are pleased with the addition of the new murals.

Students are hopeful they will start to see more artwork just like it around the college.

If you are interested in seeing more artwork created by the artist, visit his website at http://www.amirhfallah.com/

Check out the murals on your way to class if you have not yet had a chance to.