Students show up for fall 2011 dance auditions


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Students showed up for the 2011 dance auditions on Saturday. From a pool of more than 70 students, only 30 dancers will be selected, according to Dance Instructor Janet Sanderson.

The auditions started off with everyone in the numerical order, then everyone had a chance to show off the dance styles that they do best.

The students were introduced to a couple of ballet movements, which were performed while the instructors evaluated their auditions.

Michael Therrien, a marine biology major, said how dancing is a way to express what words cannot.

“I tried poetry, instruments, and painting, but dancing is the only way I can express myself,” he said.

Therrien added, “You don’t have to be an expert to dance, I just jumped in and did what they told me to do.”

One student that tried out for the auditions was Destiny Renfro, criminal justice major, who has over eleven years of dance experience.

She said, “I was nervous, but when the music played, I felt free.”

Students were put into two separate groups and had to memorize a number and perform it with an ending of their own freestyle dance move.

Sociology major, Erica Cofield explains how she uses the dance classes to her advantage.

“This is my fourth time doing the auditions. All the experience you gain in the dance classes really do help.”

As the auditions continued, some dancers were having difficulty following the numbers and others didn’t have any trouble at all.

“It seemed as if the returning dancers get better each year,” Therrien said.

The casting list will be posted on Aug. 23 for students to know who will dance in the concert Nov. 3-5.