Cosmetology Department offers students unique opportunities


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Liberal arts major Edgar Zepeda is working on his mannequin for cosmetology. The Cosmetology Department offers Cerritos students certificates in cosmetology and through the Esthetician Program.

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“I love doing makeup ever since I was little I would watch my mom do hair but I like makeup and have always been involved with it.” Belinda Escalante, a second year student at Cerritos and a cosmetology major, said, finding it to her advantage that she is already working professionally.

Walking in the cosmetology class room filled with the smell of hair spray, acrylic nails, heated flat irons, the sound of classmates chatting and blow dryers, you know you’re there; the Cosmetology Department.

At Cerritos College, students who register into the Cosmetology or Esthtician Program, are trained with all of the curriculum that will help them receive their certification in cosmetology.

The Cosmetology Program offers training in learning how to cut, color, perm, straighten and braid hair. Manicuring, pedicuring and skin care are also taught to cosmetology students.

Annette Rodriguez, a cosmetology major said, “I’ve enjoyed it for many years, being a school teacher for seven years I thought I could combine these skills with teaching.

“So I’m trying to complete this program to, hopefully, teach here at Cerritos.”

Job opportunities are valued to the students of this department and are usually filling for part-time positions when spots are available

“I liked Cerritos College AA program and also want to continue my formal education,” Rodriguez said.

Some people may also be interested in majoring in teaching and minoring in cosmetology, such as Edgar Zepeda, who is part of the the Teacher TRAC at Cerritos College.

“I wanted to be a teacher and last year I decided to get into the Teacher TRAC Program.

” I originally wanted to be an elementary teacher, but art became another interest, so I got with my counselor and he guided me to do cosmetology while still being able to pursue a career in teaching,” Zepeda said.

Cerritos cosmetology students have clients that go one by one, down the roll sheet or they can also bring in their own clients and take people who schedule appointments.

The Esthecian Program offers learning skills such as how to analyze skin, perform facials, massages, extractions, makeup and how to treat common skin problems.

Benny Canez, business marketing major with an emphasis in skin care, said, “I do makeup and a lot of theatrical stuff so I feel like skin care is the first major component before putting on makeup.”

There are six courses you can take and if it is fully completed the student can be done in two semesters.

Canez said, “I finish in December and I plan to transfer, I’m just not sure which school yet. I do know I want to open up my own practice, either dermatology or plastic surgery.”

Both programs are in high demand this semester and have a group of individuals involved in each program.

Of course, participation determines a students success in the program.

There are requirements to practice procedures on students before qualifying to work in with public.