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The clubs of Cerritos College showed up for the fall 2011 Club Info Day that was held on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

Many of the clubs on campus participated in the event and had a wide array of informational packets as well as pens, candy, and other goodies, which enticed potential members to the tables.

This event featured several campus clubs specifically tailored to the Arts department. Each club expressed their plans for the fall semester with students.

Richard Carlos, president of the Cinematic Arts club, spoke about the collaboration between the cinematic and theatrical world.

“The goal is to institute a certificate or degree within film because Cerritos College has yet to institute one for film.”

Students went from table to table getting information on everything from business to Bible study. One club that garnered a lot of interest was the Anime Club.

Club President Janee Slater discussed the intention of the club.

“We want to be more well known. What we do here is combine a bunch of different people with similar interests and connect on a social level.”

Slater discussed the clubs desire to branch out saying, “People see Japanese animation as grown ups watching cartoons, but there is an anime for everybody.”

Students with an interest in graphic design had the opportunity to speak with Graphic Design club president Danny Gaviria, who talked about the specifics of the club.

“We have our club meetings that are based on critiques of our pieces so if they are fine arts or graphic design majors, they get to be critiqued if they have homework or anything.”

Club Info Day also allowed students the option of receiving haircuts, make up and facials for a fee. Cosmetology Club President, Billie Escalante discussed the goals of the club.

“We want to get our club more well known. We definitely want to keep a really good reputation with everybody.”

Escalante went on to say, “Because we are kind of in the corner of the campus, people forget about us. They don’t know that we have a full service salon that is really, really cheap.”

The excitement of Club Info Day was felt by some, but not shared by every student. Chiropractic Medicine major Bobby Villagas expressed his frustration about the experience.

“Cerritos College should have more clubs going on. They should offer information on how to start a club. I don’t think everyone was really interested in all the clubs they have going on.”