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Odd mix-tape from The Wolf Gang

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With one MTV Video Music Award and two nominations, the formerly underground rap super-group Odd

Future Wolfgang Kill Them All has released the second mixtape from group member Domo Genesis, titled, “Under The Influence.”

Genesis, who has had comparisons to rapper Wiz Khalifa because of his rhymes that speak mainly of marijuana, has kept the same rhymes and explicit lyrical content in which he had in his first mixtape, which, as well as Khalifa, was titled, “Rolling Papers.”

However, the production value is higher; Genesis’ first mixtape’s raw and old school quality is deeply missed.

The first track of “Under The Influence,” titled, “Mission Statement,” starts with a slow, pleasantly played piano tune that sounds like something out of a romantic 1920s movie.

As the beat begins, Genesis’ voice comes in with blurted references to his up-bringing and hate for the music industry.

With his lower-pitched voice throughout the mixtape, the second track “Boss Life,” keeps the same tempo and piano tune.

While unnecessary, the remaining songs minus two, seem to fall into the same genre and the non-versatile beats of OFWGKTA are truly exposed.

The clever play on words and having four members of OF provide features on some of the 14 tracks, helps listeners keep their interest.

In the two tracks that would most standout to listeners, Genesis brings the swagger and comedic vision he had in his highly praised debut mixtape.

One of those tracks is a remix of Kanye West’s “Whole City Behind Us,” a song where Genesis and Tyler, “The Creator” rap over the beat that was made famous in Boost Mobile commercials last decade.

Genesis Holds his own against Tyler, “The Creator,” who is notorious for showing up other rappers on their songs, whether it be through lyrical content or delivery.

The concluding song of the mixtape is “Smokemon,” which is a parody of the famous 1990s Pokemon theme song.

Containing 80 seconds of a high pitch Genesis singing over his favorite childhood theme song with his own flavor, “gotta smoke em’ all.”

It is a perfect example of why the group will have its own cable show on Adult Swim later this year.

Genesis is leaving his loyal listeners with a funny and unique ending, while providing them something to listen to this fall, after the two released summer albums from OFWGKTA mini-group Mellowhype and the VMA’s best new artist award winner, Tyler, the Creator.

Overall the mixtape will keep OFWGKTA fans happy and without a doubt it should not be considered a sophomore slump, but the impact will not be as big as the OFWGKTA albums from earlier this year such as “Goblin,” which contained the most known OFWGKTA song, “Yonkers.”

With about four or five tracks that will be in OFWGKTA listeners regular playlist rotation, Genesis definitely should not be expecting a moon man award for this piece of work next year, but that isn’t exactly what he had in mind when he made “Under the Influence.”

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Odd mix-tape from The Wolf Gang