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The Cerritos College Music Club welcomes a variety of students who want to join the music club. Students do not have to be music majors or even play an instrument.

Jennifer Ornelas, music education major and ICC Rep, for the Music club said, “It doesn’t have to be people who play instruments, it could just be anybody who loves music. They don’t have to be a music major they don’t need to be a professional musician. We just encourage anybody to come along.”

The club consists of meetings which are held at the first and last Thursday of the month from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. in the Music Department.

Club members gather on these days to talk about music, plan fundraiser activities and charity concerts.

The Music Club also puts together concerts to help raise money for others in need, such as the tsunami victims of Japan that took place March 2011.

The Music club contributed to the canned food drive, that took place at Cerritos College. The club also put together a concert and the donation of canned food was in place of an entry fee.

The club also takes part in the “Toys For Tots” drive during the holidays to help families who cannot afford to buy toys for their children. There is no fee entry for this event either, just a toy will get you in the door.

Music major Javier Castillo explains how he likes being in the Music club, “I enjoy everyone’s enthusiasm for music. I feel like it goes beyond just casual listening, like there’s a passion to it, and everyone’s musically active.”

Castillo is dedicated and very involved with the Music club, he participates in every music show that the club members put together as well as offers students the chance to be involved with the pre-show by getting the word out about the club at Cerritos College.

For some club members, being able to attend school and being involved in the music aspect of school is what keeps them motivated.

Undecided major Mark Parra is a member of the Music club and he enjoys the “friendly” environment.

“I expect to get a better understanding of the Music Program here at Cerritos and to help out in whatever musical way I can,” he said.