New “Harold & Kumar” movie is a holiday hit


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Christmas came early with the new comedy, “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.”

A movie that features Santa Claus, drug abuse, a waffle-making robot, shotguns, murderers, sex appeal and Neil Patrick Harris, has worked entertainingly well.

The film did contain unnecessary cheap 3-D tricks and a similar structure than the previous Harold & Kumar films.

It had a slow beginning to set up a ridiculously entertaining plot.

Much like the previous Harold & Kumar films, Harold (John Cho) is trying to become a sober stereotypical Asian man and be a loving husband to his Hispanic wife, Maria.

Kumar (Kal Penn) is still an apartment-living stoner, until he gets breaking news from his ex-girlfriend.

After a year or two, Harold & Kumar reunite unexpectedly and quickly get into complications because of a joint.

The beginning structure is very slow paced and rarely funny.

The fun and entertainment begins 45 minutes into the film when the excitement of Harold and Kumar’s adventure begins.

The duo starts with a game of beer pong against underage partygoersto shooting Santa Clause accidentally.

The 3-D effects weren’t necessary but it definitely kept your eyes on an already exciting movie.

One of the biggest differences between this film than the previous two (besides the 3-D effects) is the introduction to a softer and different side of Harold and Kumar.

Harold and Kumar were struggling to maintain the friendship because of Harold’s new family and lifestyle while Kumar was still struggling with his stoner lifestyle.

The film also brought out the relevance of family and friends gathering during Christmas.

Even if it’s in unison of different cultures or different lifestyles and the relevance of a long-term friendship of two guys that literally have been through some amazingly crazy adventures.

The action and comedy after the first 45 minutes overtakes the slow beginning and the theme is well noted for this time of the year.