Stacked provides a unique eating experience

Patrick Dolly and Patrick Dolly

The newest and possibly trendiest of restaurants is on the scene as Stacked most definitely stacks up well against the best of competition.

The initial impression upon entering Stacked was a little intimidating, almost as if I would not be accepted, but that feeling quickly went away.

The ambiance of cozy-inviting lights sets the tone for a welcoming dining experience.

Arriving during a very busy time of day, my party experienced no waiting time and was escorted directly to a booth amidst up-tempo pop music.

Stacked has the most interesting ordering system that I have ever seen. Orders are placed via a menu-iPad system. This was actually an exciting experience as it was extremely easy to get the hang of.

There was one downside with the iPad ordering system. It seemed like patrons need a credit card to use it. We did not have one so the young lady swiped her employee menu card instead.

Servers were constantly stopping by the table to make sure the ordering system was understood, to refill drinks and even for some fun conversation.

Another exciting thing about Stacked is that the wait for the food is not long at all.

Ordering is fun-filled in itself. The unique ordering system allows the patron to order at their own pace. If you want to start with drinks, and take your time before ordering your meal, you are more than welcome to do so.

The experience is so wonderful that it makes you want to return immediately. Stacked is a definite must for any one that loves a good time.