Art soon to emerge in ‘Facial Impressionism’

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Martin Calderon and Martin Calderon

Facial Impressionism “Imanence Envisaged” will kick off its exhibition with a free, open invite reception on Jan. 31.

The gallery will host visitors with complimentary hors d’oevres and beverages to see local, national and international artwork.

Created from an array of different mediums, including paint, ceramic and video performance art, the work expresses the artist’s take on the relationship between facial expressions and emotions.

The group exhibition features mixed media art work from sixteen established and emerging artists.

According to Art Gallery Director James MacDevitt, the exhibition’s theme was partically inspired from artwork by Cerritos College student Galileo Gonzalez.

Gonzalez’s work will be showcared in the “Student Spotlight,” a gallery wall devoted with art relevant to the theme.

All of the artwork in Facial Expressionism is available through unpaid temporary loans with the gallery only having to cover the cost of shipping from places as far as France.

MacDevitt states, “It is complicated but also wonderful that students are going to get a chance to see this work that doesn’t normally show in this country, let alone this area.”

He also mentioned, “With the spring semester kicking into high gear, it is possible that visiting art galleries is not on your list of priorities, but because the Cerritos College Art Gallery is conveniently located on your way to class, there is no longer the need to travel great distances or spend money to see creative, high quality artwork.”

Child Development major Sam Berumen said he will make time in his schedule to visit the gallery because “I am really interested in art. I want to see new ideas and what Cerritos College has to offer in art.”

“I want to see what the students can provide and what they’ve done”

With an exhibit flyer placed in a visible location on the automobile, parking is free in lot C-10.

The daily parking fee is available for $2.00.

The free exhibition will run until March 15, giving students a great chance to learn about art, meet with artisits and support fellow Falcons.

According to the event flyer, parking is free in lot C-10 as long as the flyer is placed in a visible location on the automobile.

The free exhibition will run until March 15th 2012, giving students a great chance to learn about art, meet with artists and support fellow Falcons, all while exercising the right side of the brain.