BMX rider takes first in Soulstyce Competition

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BMX rider and speech communications major at Cerritos College, Jamie Bonthius, 22, has come in first place in the annual Soulstyce competition.

The Soulstyce Competition is an annual music and art festival that represents the spirit of hip-hop through the combination of music, art and live BMX element.

Bonthius has been riding since he was 12.

He was inspired by his older brother who used to also ride BMX.

“I was young, the little brother always wants to do what the big brother does.”

Although he rode all the way through high school, Bonthius decided to take a three year break.

When he decided to start riding again, he began to ride in a different discipline of BMX called “flat land”.

Liset Gomez, Bonthius’ girlfriend and communications major at Cerritos College explains what a flat line is.

“Flat land is when one of your wheels is constantly on the ground. It’s very technical.”

One of the hardest tricks to do according Bonthius is the prison spin.

“It’s a time machine where you have your bike vertically up by your side, and you’re grabbing the wheel and handle bars, and you kind of hook your leg on peg and take both your hands off while spinning.”

With no serious injuries besides a broken rib and a dislocated shoulder, Bonthius explained that he got most of his major injuries such as broken knees from skateboarding and not bike riding.

Bonthius is not sponsored by anyone at the moment but he has done photo shoots for Nike, has participated in the NBA All-Star half-time show.

During his participation in the Soulstyce Competition, Bonthius came in first place beating a Nike-sponsored runner-up.

His prize was a blue bike frame which he currently has on his bike.

Jimmy Dorantes, administration of justice major and friend of Bonthius, describes him as amazing and very determined.

For young and aspiring BMX riders Bonthius advices them to get out everyday and push themselves to do new tricks.

“Don’t worry about the competitive side just have fun.”