Cosmetology Department successful at Hoe Down Days fundraiser

The Cerritos College Cosmetology Department provided haircuts and other grooming services to students at very low prices during day two of the Hoe Down Days Festivities.

Cosmetology Major Evelyn Felix said, “We are actually doing haircuts for $4 and manicures for $3 and eyebrows for $2.”

She added that haircuts are $5 at the Department, while manicure and oil manicures are $4 each.

She continued, “So we just pretty much gave like a dollar discount today just to have clients in and raise money for Cosmetology.”

Cosmetology Department Treasurer Reneya Reddick shared her thoughts, “We’re basically out here today advertising for the Cosmetology Department.”

She continued by saying the reason for advertising is because no one knows where the Cosmetology Department is because it’s in the back of the school.

“So we’re out here today giving discounted haircuts, manicures and eyebrow arches to advertise the program,” she said.

Welding major Londa Yescas decided to stop by for some grooming “I’m here getting a manicure because I was walking past and three dollars is a good price for a manicure.”

She said that her decision to stop by is because she’s been to the Cosmetology Department to get her hair done before and admits “they do a pretty good job.”

Cosmetology major Sheree Ibey talks more about the fundraiser by saying “it was good, we were able to advertise a lot and let people know that we’re here and the services that we offer and even if they didn’t get a service that day we still give them flyers so they can come by here any time and do the services any day they like.”

According to Reddick, they made about 90 dollars that day.