21 Jumpstreet entertaining but action falls short



Jonah Hill, left, and Channing Tatum star in Columbia Pictures’ action comedy “21 Jump Street.” (Courtesy of Scott Garfield/Columbia Pictures/MCT)

“21 Jump Street” is a great comedy film but the action is ill-fitting. It almost achieves that level of entertainment a young audience is looking for.

Sony chose to revamp the old 1980s show and make it into a modern movie, but fans of the show will be delighted to see Johnny Depp’s cameo during the end scene of the film, Depp played Tom Hanson in the show and revived his role in the movie as well.

What sets it apart from others are the characters.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill clearly have great chemistry together; even the co-stars bring this movie up in enjoyment.

Dave Franco plays the popular kid Eric. His performance was up there with his co-stars Hill and Tatum in this film. He really stands out and made the scenarios much more entertaining.

Hill brings charisma to his films such as “Superbad” and “Get Him to the Greek,” that likeability transferred over in “21 Jump Street.”

Tatum, however was, lackluster in his comedy role in the movie She’s The Man, but picks himself back up and shines in this movie.

The movie has key elements that are so obviously set up but never fail to make you laugh. It has it all, insults, physical comedy, drunken antics and cliche sex jokes.

Originally a nerd in his old high school days in the film, Hill fits in with the popular kids who are the key suspects for the drugs being produced throughout the school.

Back in high school, in the film, Tatum was a jock in high school in his return he fits in with the nerds and tries to use them to hack into a drug suspect’s phone in order to crack the case.

These different crowds induce a bit of a feud for Hill and Tatum in the movie, that is where the likability of the characters is tested on the audience, to see them come back together and solve the case is a great feeling.

Comedy and characters aside the movie has one drawback: the action.

People will be constantly laughing throughout the movie, but once the so-called “action scenes” comes on screen, it splits from the comedy that the humor just goes away.

For an action and comedy movie the, action was so played out and looked as if it was forcing us to laugh. The director tried to switch it up by having them run in funny costumes and drive a pink beetle, those comedy stunts weren’t needed during an action scene.

The end was clearly set up for a sequel which is good to look forward to, this is a movie teenagers will love because of the characters and the comedy portrayed by two very comedic actors.