Drum circle and art displayed at Fine Arts Department

Lucia Sarabia and Lucia Sarabia

The Art Society and the Music Club collaborated once again to attract attention to the art that was being displayed by art students.

Music education and performance major Janet Cisneros, President of the Music Club, was part of the drum circle that was held on Thursday in front of the Fine Arts Department.

“We collaborate together, so they do their art walk they showcase the students art and the music club provides the drum circle,” said Cisneros.

“The drum circle represents unity it brings people together to collaborate,“ added Cisneros.

The drum circle is put together by musicians and other people walking by who are interested in joining.

Instruments such as maracas, bongos, sleigh bells, tambourines and congas along with other percussion instruments were used to create music.

The music attracts people and guides them to move toward the art displays.

Art major Nury Vargas, elaborated on how the drum circle helps the Art Society.

“Were able to get other people’s attention and more participation, from people that are not only interested in art but also interested in music,” Vargas said.

Henna tattoos were also being done by Artists’ Society students and sold tie dye shirts they made themselves.

Kimberly Batson, Fine arts major, played the tambourine and also displayed some of her artwork.

“I mainly and solely played the tambourine I’m comfortable with that instrument, I played it since I was a kid,” Batson said.

Batson displays her artwork but also added that she will not be selling her artwork simply because she feels that they are her “babies.”

Anime club member and psychology major German Sanchez participated in the drum circle.

“This is the second time I’ve been a part of this and I’m happy to participate. I personally played the ocarina, other than that I play anything that’s available,” Sanchez said.

The Music Club and Art Society collaborate several times a semester with the drum circle and display of art as one.