Record breaking weekend ushers in movie of the year



Scarlett Johansson stars as Black Widow in “The Avengers.” (Marvel/MCT)

Arttay Davis and Arttay Davis

The Avengers was an amazing movie. What made the movie excellent was the bringing together of 4 great super heroes to create an action packed film.

This film is the type of movie that audiences can’t wait to go see. From the start of the movie to the end, the film has non- stop action with a bit of comedy as well.

With amazing special effects and graphics, there is little doubt that this movie cost an arm and a leg to make. However, some may say that this movie is worth even its pricey price tag to make.

It cost a bit more to go see the movie than the typical general admission, and lines were extremely long, but those were small prices to pay for such a wonderful movie-going experience.

The acting was top-notch and the characters were without question believable.

It was almost as if the comic books came to life in this film.

The Avengers as a collective unit was much better than Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor movies individually.

Not only will you want to rush out to see this movie, you will rush out and see it again and again.

Don’t be shocked if you also pre-order it when it comes out on DVD.

There is a saying which says that numbers don’t lie. Look for yourself. The Avengers broke last summers Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 opening weekend numbers of $169.2 million record-breaking mark as The Avengers opened at $200.3 million for one weekend.

You read that right, $200.3 million for one weekend. If that is not enough to motivate you to get to the movie theater, have someone check your pulse, because you aren’t breathing.

The Avengers is the movie of the year .

Watch the official Avengers movie trailer