Auditions held for Fall Dance Concert

Dafne Bravo and Dafne Bravo

The Cerritos College Dance Department held two different auditions this weekend for the fall Dance Concert.

Each semester, dancers gather to demonstrate their abilities and techniques by auditioning for the dance concert.

Saturday’s audition began with a warm-up lead by ballet instructor Daniel Berney.

Dance major Michael Mendoza said, “We have a lot of talented dancers here.”

Sunday’s audition was specificaly for dance repertory.

Ten to 15 dancers for repertory were expected to have the technique to dance ballet, modern, commercial and world fusion.

Repertory auditions required students to have intermediate to advanced dance experience.

Students who are chosen from the repertory auditions have the opportunity to dance and perform outside campus.

Student choreographers Kevin Urcino and Karen Rodriguez assisted in leading the auditions.

Both will showcase a dance piece at the concert.

“We can expected to see new faces (for the audition). There are a lot of new students in the dance department,” said Rodriguez.

Dancers needed to demonstrate certain moves and talents.

They were taught short routines, some in groups and others individually.

Some danced across the floor for something called an “eight count” which guides the dancers through the tempo (speed) in which they have to perform the song.=

Results of the auditions will be posted in room 55 of the Fine Arts building later this week.