House of Heroes’ new album to be a rock highlight

Michael Ares and Michael Ares

House of Heroes fans rejoice, the rock band from Columbus, Ohio has returned with its new album “Cold Hard Want.” An album that is destined to be a rock highlight for 2012.

“Cold Hard Want” is a phenomenal fourth addition to House of Heroes’s discography, leaving fans of the band satisfied and eagerly waiting for its next release.

If you are a rock music fan, then this album is definitely one worth purchasing.

The fans of the band are treated to the best of both worlds combining the up-beat fun rock songs from “Suburba,” with some of the dark-toned, dramatic elements from “The End is Not the End.”

The beginning of the album brings the listener straight to the familiar “Suburba” pop guitar sound with it’s song “Out My Way” which provides the lyrical depth that fans were hoping for from “The End is Not the End.”

The album continues with “Remember the Empire.” In the first 30 seconds of the song, the listener is bombarded with an epic sound of dramatic choir-like “oh oh oh’s” with lyrics displaying a message of a nation which needs to stand up for what is good and right in.

The albums single, “Touch This Light,” leaves behind the pop rock sound and embraces the dramatic dark-toned music formula from “The End Is Not The End” with choir-like “woa’s” as Tim Skipper pleads and reaches out with his lyrics to a higher power for guidance and deliverance from his dark life.

The album then seems to turn into a different direction as House of Heroes features synthesizers in the beginning of their next song “Suspect.” The synths are only in the intro of the song, but will make fans of the band wonder if there will be more synths in the next album to come.

The song reaches down again into a dark-tone, with an insanely catchy chorus that is sure to be a highlight of the album.

The album comes to a close with “I Am a Symbol.” The song is probably the darkest and most eerie song on the album.

Tim Skipper leads one last strong musical charge to stand up for truth with the lyrics. “I am a symbol, I am a flame. I object to the objective, I won’t play the game. I’m resolved in my resistance, a witness to your wrongs. I am a symbol, I am a flame.”

When the final note hits, one cannot be a little bit saddened that the album has come to an end as the song leaves the album on a high note, yet leaving the listener wanting more.

The band formed in the year 2000, and reached its greatest success into the mainstream in 2009 with it’s sophomore album titled “The End is Not the End,” the band followed up with its third album “Suburba” in 2010.

Its fourth release, “Cold Hard Want,” is an enjoyable mixture of all the things that made “The End is Not the End” and “Suburba” really great albums, with musical influences from Tom Petty and Queen.