Interludes to take place in Cerritos Theater Department

Julian Godoy and Julian Godoy

Coming this December to the Cerritos College Burnight Center Theater are Miguel Cervantes’ Interludes, directed by theater instructor Forrest Hartl.

Interludes, also known as short comic plays, were written in Spain in the early 1600s by Cervantes, a Spanish poet and playwright.

These were originally meant to go in between longer drama acts in order to provide comic relief.

“(In the 1600s) instead of going at intermission to get a drink or use the bathroom, you would stay in your seat and watch a short 15 minute farce, which usually made fun of the drama you were watching,” said Hartl.

Stage manager Priscilla Daza stresses authenticity stating, “I intend to familiarize myself with the music, style of clothing, and architecture which all takes place in the 1600s.”

Hartl explains his direction for the play as fast paced, where the plot is immediately introduced.

“Pace is so important, timing is so important and clarity is very important,” explains Hartl.

In addition to acting, live music will also be part of the interludes.

The music performers are said to come out between and during sets, as some characters will be playing instruments during the play.

Auditions for musicians and actors were held on Monday and Tuesday night.

Theatre arts major Oralia Neria, who has been in the theatre program for four semesters, is hoping to be cast in her first production.

“I’m just trying to get any experience,” Neria said, “so anything I’ll be happy with.”

Interludes will debut on Dec. 7 in the Burnight Studio Theater.