Guitar instructor in duet with wife


Music professor David Isaacs sits with his wife and duet partner, Chelsea Camille. Together, they make up the duet Chanson du Soir.

Robert Beaver and Robert Beaver

The audience often tells guitar instructor David Isaacs that he is his guitar.

For the 37 year-old resident of Long Beach, his music is entirely spiritual.

Within the numerous songs he has performed, Isaacs shares feelings of sadness, hope, exhilaration, madness, confusion, anger, passion, ferocity, joy, peace, comfort, kindness, and playfulness.

Isaacs, a music professor at Cerritos College, has traveled to 27 states, and as far as Greece to perform classical guitar music.

He has been on radio stations, TV shows, and at various colleges, libraries, churches, guitar societies and homes.

“I believe one of the main reasons I am here is to affect peace in others and to inspire them to explore something new and different,” Isaacs, who owns 23 instruments, said.

“Music is what gives my spirit purpose, keeps a roof over my head, and food on my table. It connects me to my dearest companions, encourages me to wake up in the morning, to stay healthy, and it inspires me to be.

Isaacs has released three classical guitar albums as a solo artist and is currently part of the voice/guitar duet called Chanson du Soir.

He hopes to travel the world with his duet partner and wife, Chelsea Camille, to share their work and define a new style of music.

“Chelsea is an amazing communicator, a wonderfully engaging and enigmatic performer, a brilliant researcher and she sings like an angel.

“She lights up every room she enters and works diligently to refine her craft,” Issacs said.

Isaacs and Camille will perform in a library concert series this month in Oklahoma.

“We want to carve a new niche in the classical guitar world for voice and guitar duets,” Isaacs said. “We want to expose people to the magnificent repertoire for our type of ensemble, encourage others to explore it, and share it with as many people as we can.

“We also want to make recordings that people will enjoy and be able to study well into the future, and to encourage composers to write new music for voice and guitar duets.”

Beyond performing in front of an audience, Isaacs also loves to share music with his students.

This semester, he is teaching private lessons for Cerritos College students who are looking to transfer to university level music programs.

“Dave’s passion for music is immeasurable,” Camille said.

“He is one of the most determined and hard working people I have ever known. He’s good at setting goals and is very focused. He climbs mountains and his gets greater with his talents year-after-year.”

Isaacs has taught beginning to advanced guitar classes at Cerritos College in the past. He also teaches at Cypress College, at Morey’s Music in Lakewood, and at his own private studio.

“I teach music to share my passion for it with others in the hopes that they will love it a little more after studying with me, and to encourage them to enrich themselves and others with their musical gifts,” Isaacs said.

Isaacs added that fulfilling students’ dreams is what he finds rewarding about teaching music. He said that he loves it when others are moved by the artistry of his students.

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