‘Taken 2’ lives up as a sequel with new action

Carlos Mariscal

“Taken 2” takes us back to Europe and looks to keep viewers on the edge of their seat with non-stop thrilling action. This movie is a must see for all fans of the previous film.

Liam Neeson is back, as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills, and doing what he does best as he puts his “very special set of skills” back to use.

For all people who haven’t seen the first “Taken”, then this movie is not for you because you won’t be impacted when you watch the sequel.

If you’re wondering if the $12 dollars are worth the spending, then go ahead and head to the theatre, you won’t be disappointed.

After Neeson killed men to rescue his daughter in Paris in the first “Taken” the sequel starts off where first film left.

The film is back with a similar plot and slightly different story line from the first movie. The sequel is filled with loads of new action and looks to be this fall’s must watch movie of the season for all fans of the previous film.

In the sequel, people are having their revenge to Neeson after he killed their family and friends in order to save his kidnapped daughter Maggie Grace as Kim.

While most sequels tend to be a let down to the original movie, “Taken 2” definitely has to be rated up with the first one due to the action packed story line and new twists to the story.

It also definitely doesn’t disappoint as it came out with a different story line leaving viewers guessing what was going to happen next.

Although the movie is filmed with a lot of new action, the ending could have been a bit better, which could be a disappointment for “Taken” fans.

Overall, “Taken 2” is a must watch for all fans of the first movie and be prepared to experience some new twists and surprises.