Students to take part in improvisational theater for GIPS

Connie Garcia

Faculty member and director Forrest Hartl encourages students to attend the Generic Improvisational Peep Shows.

Improvisational theater has no script and takes part in interactive performances with audiences who determine what scenes improv actors should do.

There are never the same kind of GIPS performances because each audience is different, meaning new jokes and scenes will happen by the improv actors.

GIPS are improvisational comedy performances by Cerritos College students who will be touring local schools, community events and perform on campus.

“High school students are always enthusiastic about the shows and later become GIPS members because they loved the show(s) so much.

“Not only did they come to Cerritos (College) because of GIPS, but many have continued their theater career because of the training they learned from Hoggard,” Hartl added.

GIPS was started by professor Kevin Hoggard with Cerritos College students about 20 years ago.

To brush up on improv, before auditioning, there will be a Improvisation Workshop on Wednesday from 12 to 2 p.m. at the Burnight Studio Theater, BC31.

Auditions will be held on Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at BC31.

All participating members need to be available every Friday from Oct. 26 to Dec. 21.

“Many people have seen improv for the first time because of GIPS,” Hartl said.

Hartl added that he attended Cerritos College as an undecided major until he took an improvisation course with Hoggard and decided to work in theater.

“I think the benefits are that theater gives some students an outlet for their creativity and can even become a career path for certain students,” Hartl said.

Business major Michelle Aguilar commented on GIPS by saying, “This improv stuff sounds interesting and I might just check it out.”

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