Taylor Swift grows in ‘RED’

Alexandra Scoville

The album “RED” by Taylor Swift is just another catchy pop-country album, but shows more potential for the singer to grow.

“RED” is Swift’s fourth studio album, and is by far her most mature effort yet.

The album as a whole has this sound that is different from the singer’s previous works.

There are some songs that just don’t sound like something Swift should have sang.

“Stay Stay Stay” and “22” are songs that seem to be more pop orientated rather than the country side.

When Swift has a good mix of both pop and country is when her songs really stand out.

This album achieved a new sound but there is still room for that big stand out album by her.

Some of the songs made by Swift seem more mature and edgy, although there are some songs that don’t quite make the cut.

The first single off of “RED” titled “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is commonly heard on the radio and was quick to memorize and sing along with, as are most of Swift’s songs.

It doesn’t fully show how much she has grown, but an album from her wouldn’t be complete without that kind of song.

Another single off of the album titled “I Knew You Were Trouble,” is by far better than every other song on the album.

It has been described on the internet as dubstep country because its electronic style is not usually associated with Swift.

“Begin Again” was the second single off of the album and is closest to Swift’s normal pop-country style than the other two singles.

What makes it different than the other singles off of previous albums is the tone of her voice.

It naturally gives off a more adult vibe, which is relatively new for Swift.

When she strays away from the catchy pop song genre you can tell something is played from her heart and it’s lovely.

“All Too Well” may not be a single of “RED” but it is one of the best songs off the album.