Top five superstitions

Louiscreas Akins

There are many superstitions but these are the top five rated according to The Met Online.

  1. Friday the 13th
  2. Walking under ladders
  3. Breaking a mirror
  4. Opening umbrellas indoors
  5. Seeing a solitary Magpie

According to some Cerritos College students, these superstitions have changed.

Undecided major Judy Mendez stated that she does not believe in the superstitions.

If she did believe in them, she said, “I’ll probably be doing what everybody does like throw salt in back of them,” to get rid of the bad luck.

Speech language pathology major Jose Cano said, “When I was younger, I’d fight you before you made me go under a ladder.”

Cano also added, “After awhile I started to think “how could this (bad luck) possibly happen?”

He suggested to sacrifice a goat on top of a hill in order to undo bad luck.

Cano also mentioned some superstitions that originate from his home country of Guatemala.

He said that it is bad luck to find and take money placed in a circle around food and fruit.

He said that it will curse you with bad luck.

“Where we’re (my family and I) from, that’s some witchcraft.”

Cano also mentioned another superstition he knows of and said, “Say you have cancer or you’re poor, you go to this witch to reverse this (and) pass it to some one else.”

Nursing major Vianka Lopez said that karma is a superstition that she believes in and believes what goes around comes around.

She suggested that people should “Be faithful and trustworthy. If you trip someone, something bad will happen to you.”

Walking under a ladder is another superstition Lopez believes in and believes that an onion can help undo the bad luck.

Like both Cano and Lopez, art major Steve Givens also believes that walking under a ladder is bad luck.

Givens said, “If I do walk under a ladder, I don’t know how to counter act (the bad luck) but the closest thing I can think of is do a good deed.”