A Haunted House, nothing to scream about

Sarah Niemann

While the first half of the movie was good, “A Haunted House” went down hill fast.

In classic Wayans Brothers fashion, the movie consisted of crass jokes and the type of stupid funny that they are known for.

The first half of the movie was extremely funny and the relationship between Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) while exaggerated was believable.

Their chemistry made the couple seem real, as if it was an actual documentary.

The movie was enjoyable until the stupid over took the funny.

Wayans, who was also one of the writers, got carried away with ridiculousness and the movie suffered.

The beginning of the downfall was when the couple gets high with the ghost that is terrorizing them, and continued to get more and more outrages from there.

By the time Cedric the Entertainer came on screen, the movie was far gone. Not even he could revive it.

Cedric was Father Williams, an ex-convict that became anointed as a pastor during his stay at a state prison.

He was supposed to perform an exorcism on Atkins, but just like the second half of the movie, it went horribly wrong.

“A Haunted House” is not worth going to the theater to see, but when it soon comes out on DVD, it is something you should take a look at.