Oz: The Great and Powerful an amazing experience

Wow factor: Glinda (Michelle Williams), the Good Witch, invokes her powers in

Disney Pictures/ MCT

Wow factor: Glinda (Michelle Williams), the Good Witch, invokes her powers in “Oz The Great and Powerful.” The film is set before the original Wizard of Oz film.

Sam Rami painted a beautiful picture when he directed “Oz: The Great and Powerful” especially in this 3D adaption of the Wizard of Oz movie. It was amazing.

The movie opened up in small black and white and was set in 1905, and there stands lead actor James Franco dressed in magician’s clothing.

Franco plays a con man of sorts named Oscar “Oz” , and in the beginning of the movie he is in Kansas with a traveling circus.

After his performance he is transported into a tornado via a hot air balloon, during which he has an emotional realization about his life, thinking he is going to die.

The screen then opens up to the wonderful world of Oz, seeing this world through 3D glasses is quite a sight.

You are instantly hit with vivid colors and you can feel just how much creative work went into the movie.

Oz has been transported into a world where he is met with similar characters to the ones from Kansas.

Throughout the whole movie the stars capture your attention with the different characteristics they have, Mila Kunis plays a love struck witch named Theadora.

She is easily a likable character in the beginning of the movie, but throughout the rest of the movie, that changes.

Theadora instantly falls in love with Oz, who also leads her on by his flirtatious and romantic ways.

This exchange, along with her sister Evanora played by Rachel Weisz, prompts her to change into some one the audience wouldn’t expect.

Both Evanora and Theadora take turns being evil and plotting to stop Oz from taking over the throne.

Throughout the movie the audience is met with odd characters, one of which is Finley, a flying monkey who has sworn to be Oz’s assistant.

He is a funny character who is voiced by Zach Braff, who also plays Oz’s assistant in the 1905 beginning of the movie.

Oz and Finley take a trip to the Dark Forest where the wicked witch lives, on their trip they stop in a place named China Town, but not for the reason you may think.

Broken tea cups and saucers fill the streets of this destroyed town, where Oz and Finley find a little crying china doll.

The china doll is voiced by Joey King, who does a great job of bringing a little doll to life.

Together they go into what they think will be a hard fought battle to kill a wicked witch, but they are met with a golden haired good witch named Glinda.

Both the china doll and Glinda are actually characters from the black and white scenes, just like Finely.

After Oz realizes Glinda isn’t who he is looking for, in terms of killing a witch, the team of now four go back to the world of Oz.

But they are not alone, they bring with them an army of farmers, tinkers, and munchkins who are tasked with taking down the actual wicked witch.

The ending of the movie is something not even the characters expect to happen.

Visually this movie is stunning, each world the characters walk through is lit with color and excitement.

Whether you’ve seen the original Wizard of Oz or not, this is a must see movie.