Art Gallery opening day goes well

Diego Arreola and Diego Arreola

The Faculty Art Gallery consisted of talented work, including recognizable pieces from artists that have participated in previous art shows like the one at the Orange County Fair it was on Feb. 11.

Art major Erika Figueroa and animation major Janet Figueroa stated, “This show really shows the professors’ capability. The work they don’t show in class and that they have brought here really shows who is teaching you.

Many of the art shows off campus inspiring momentum, in capturing what you’re doing.”

The art was very different and varied from painting, to photography, to crafting and ceramics.

The art gallery was open from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Art and design major Kimberly Pascuao and drawing and painting major Miriam Bricio stated, “This is blowing my mind! It is recognizable art that I’ve seen somewhere else from the same artist. It’s his signature style, awesome. I don’t always know what they’re talking about and I come and see this and I understand what they meant in class. They’re not just teachers, but artists.”

The art pieces were very unique and each stated a little about the artist’s style. The way they used the colors and shapes brought out the uniqueness in each piece from the dark sides to the bright colors and even cubism, which was a huge piece in the middle of the gallery standing out with the variety of colors and the way the cubes form different objects like a giraffe.

Illustration major Josh Espinoza stated, “This show is successful, (it) shows what professors we have love, and that they really know what they’re talking about. It’s very inspiring.”

Many talented artists presented their art work with pride. One very recognizable art piece happened to be “Miss Me, Miss Me. Miss Me” by artist Daniel Du Plessis. His piece with a very unique texture was recognized by many as he has presented and demonstrated his artistic talent before in such places like the Orange County Fair.

All of the professors who presented their art connected more with students after demonstrating their potential and inspired many art majors to continue pursuing their dreams with the fact that anything is possible if they set their mind to it, or in this case, your brush.